Vinyl Deck Coverings in St. Albert

If you are looking to invest in vinyl deck coverings in St. Albert and the surrounding area, The Deck Depot Inc. is here to help. For years we have been introducing our clients to superior vinyl deck options and installing them on both residential and commercial properties. We use nothing but the industry's best products and techniques when working on your deck and will work hard to deliver you superior services you'll love for years to come.

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Can You Put Vinyl Deck Coverings Over Wood?

Are you a home or business owner looking to make an intelligent investment that will ensure the durability of your outdoor space? If so, you may be wondering if vinyl deck covering is the answer to protecting your wooden deck from the elements. We’re pleased to assure you that waterproofing your deck with a vinyl covering is possible when you work with certified vinyl installers with plenty of experience. From covering floors to wrapping railings and deck posts, we’re the certified team you can trust for a guaranteed seamless installation that will keep your deck watertight for many years.

If your decking infrastructure has been weakened by rot or age, any damaged parts should be replaced before vinyl application. During our consultation process, we’ll examine the details of your existing decking to ensure it’s suitable for our application process. If some of the existing materials need to be replaced before beginning our work, we’ll be sure to supply you with an adjusted estimate for your consideration.

We’re proud to be a certified team of dedicated vinyl deck covering installation specialists who can help you design, build, and install waterproofing solutions that fortify your investment for many years. Choose from a wide selection of colors, finishes, and looks to design a perfect deck that matches your home, its surroundings, and your high standards.

We’re always happy to answer your questions during a risk-free consultation. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment to get started.

Vinyl Deck Board Covers

A beautiful and long-lasting outdoor paradise will be yours to enjoy once you select high-quality vinyl deck board covers that match your taste. In addition to providing a sleek aesthetic, you won’t find a material more suitable for standing up against the adverse effects of moisture, weather, damaging UV rays, usage, pests, and time. A quick peek through our website’s gallery page will give you a better idea of the excellence of our finished work.

Schedule a non-committal consultation to learn more about the benefits of selecting vinyl for your next decking project.

We Stock the Vinyl Handrail Covers You Love

When you want an elegant vinyl handrail cover that won’t rot, you don’t have to settle for anything less than the stunning results you expect. We’ll help you select the best PVC rail covers for your budget and style expectations. From there, we provide a quick turnaround on all installation work.

Do you have a tight schedule, or could you benefit from flexible scheduling opportunities to ensure our work doesn’t impact your daily activities? Get in touch today to discuss your needs with certified installers who go the extra mile to ensure your peace of mind.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Vinyl Deck-Post Covers and Vinyl Deck Accessories

Protecting posts from rot, insect damage, and weakening due to solar ultraviolet light is easy with a durable material like PVC vinyl. Our vinyl deck post covers are the perfect way to ensure no moisture can affect the underlying material. Your decking structure will need significantly less maintenance and will outlast traditional decking materials.

In addition to stocking a large inventory of post covers, we also provide you with affordable access to the best vinyl deck accessories, including:

  • Base trim
  • Rail gates
  • Brackets
  • Column adaptors
  • Post savers
  • Joint rings
  • LED lights
  • End caps
  • Post sleeve skirts
  • …and much more!

Let us help you select the decking materials to ensure your outdoor infrastructure stays in top shape for a long time. Call today to schedule a risk-free initial consultation.

Vinyl Porch Floor Covering: Stylish Options Offering Superior Protection

A front porch is ideal for enjoying that first cup of coffee in the morning. What better way to keep your favorite place intact than to consider investing in a vinyl porch floor covering? These elegant and inviting-looking installations ensure that no water can eat into the wood and other building materials that make up your porch’s unique design.

Discuss your goals during an initial consultation that poses no obligation or risk. Call today to get started.

Vinyl Roof Deck Covering

A roof deck is a beautiful addition to your home, condo, or commercial space, but what happens when it begins to leak? Vinyl roof deck covering is a durable solution that trumps other decking materials in terms of longevity, affordability, and function. When you want to ensure everything below your roof decking stays dry, selecting vinyl is a wise choice that requires very little maintenance to remain in great shape for much longer than most other available construction materials.

Reach us today for the answers to any questions you have.

Advantages of The Deck Depot’s Waterproof Decking

Are you curious how waterproof decking can make your life much easier and give you the peace of mind you deserve? We’ve put together a list of the top benefits of waterproof decking:

  • Keeps assets below safe from leaks
  • Protects the decking structure from rot and damage from the sun
  • Available in a wide choice of styles to match your vision
  • Increases the resale value of your property
  • Reduces the need for maintenance
  • An environmentally friendlier building material

Learn more about sealing out leaks on rooftop decks with PVC vinyl options that align with your budget. Reach out to discuss your goals with a certified installation specialist.

Explore Value-Driven Vinyl Decking

Our commitment to supplying you with the best vinyl decking prices is made possible by our dedication to keeping close relationships with our current supply partners. We can pass the savings from our discounts on to you in various ways and order the materials we need to complete your decking installation quickly. Our initial consultations enable us to explore your goals in depth to ensure we fully understand your vision before supplying you with a custom quote.

We stock a large selection of the best brand names and vinyl decking components in the industry. Don’t hesitate to begin discovering your options today. Call our installation pros to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Understanding Vinyl Deck Coverings

Vinyl deck coverings have become a much more popular outdoor decking option in recent years. As builders transition away from traditional wood decks, it's important to understand how vinyl deck coverings work and why they may be a better option for properties like yours.

Vinyl decking is a sheet membrane that this applied over a wooden base. This base is usually built using simple plywood. The membrane creates a low-maintenance, waterproof sundeck that looks just as beautiful as traditional building options.

Unlike its more traditional counterparts, however, vinyl decking offers a variety of different benefits. Let's explore a few below!

The Benefits of Vinyl Decks


Unlike wood decking, vinyl coverings will not be affected over time by moisture—making them superiorly durable.

Low Maintenance

Besides a seasonal wash and visual inspection, there is almost zero maintenance that goes into caring for vinyl decks.


Typically, vinyl decks have a lifespan of 10-15 years. Like anything, however, if you take good care of your deck and avoid damages, your surface could last up to thirty years.

UV and Mildew Resistant

While other decking options are affected over time by mildew and UV rays, vinyl decking is resistant to both, making it an excellent choice for outdoor areas in all climates.

Stylistically Versatile

As it's grown more popular, the market for vinyl decking has expanded, and today, there are hundreds of colors and designs to choose from, so you can make your outdoor space truly your own. You can also add liquid deck coatings in the future if you wish to change the color or look down the road.

Vinyl Deck Installation

The vinyl deck installation process is straightforward, but we recommend counting on the expertise of a professional team, like The Deck Depot Inc.

Our experts will prepare your deck by ensuring that the base, plywood surface is smooth, dry, and free of holes, cracks, and low points. Once the area is ready, a professional adhesive will be applied to the surface, and the vinyl sheets will be rolled on and smoothed out.

The time it takes to complete your vinyl deck coating will depend on the size of your surface, but we'd be happy to provide you with a timeline estimate upon your request.

Vinyl Deck Repair Services

While vinyl decks are built to be durable and long-lasting, they aren't immune to damage. When your surface is faced with a hole or crack, however, The Deck Depot Inc. can help you find solutions fast. We can repair your deck by installing a new section of vinyl, adding small patches, or replacing the coating altogether.

Affordable Vinyl Deck Services

Many people choose vinyl decking because it's an affordable option that requires little to no maintenance.

Even though it is seen as a cheaper option, our team knows that every property owner has a unique budget and financial restraints, and we'll be happy to provide you with a detailed estimate for the get-go. Your estimate will include the cost of materials as well as labour.

We are also proud to offer some of the most competitive rates on vinyl deck installation in the local area!

Add Value to Your Property with Vinyl Deck Installation

Homebuyers today are looking for houses that incorporate both indoor and outdoor living spaces. If your outdoor living space looks great and requires little maintenance—even better!

Investing in vinyl deck coatings can increase the value of your property significantly. Even if you're not looking to sell your home in the next few months or years, vinyl is built to last and will still look just as great in five or ten years when the time comes.

If you'd like to learn more about how vinyl deck coverings could benefit your home's appearance and market value, be sure to contact our experts. We'd be happy to chat with you and provide you with the information you need to make a great decision for your property.

Contact Our Vinyl Deck Experts Today

For years, The Deck Depot Inc. has been the area's leading deck contractor, and we look forward to showing you what we have to offer. When you choose to work alongside our expert team, you can expect:

  • A personalized consultation process
  • A detailed and accurate cost estimates
  • Answers to your questions
  • The use of high-quality tools and products
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Close attention to detail
  • Beautiful results
  • Quick repairs
  • And much more!

For more information about our approach to client care and satisfaction, give us a call at your convenience.

Vinyl Deck Board Covers, Railings, and More

No matter what type of vinyl covering you are considering for your property, The Deck Depot Inc. has what you are looking for. We can provide vinyl deck covering over wood on your deck's floor, railings, and more, so you will always find what you need from our company. We can work with all types of existing wooden decks and will be happy to personalize our services to meet your needs and vision for your property.

Understand Your Options When Installing Vinyl Deck Covering

Here at The Deck Depot Inc., we are here to help you get the best possible results with vinyl covering for decks. If you are curious about the benefits of vinyl deck coatings, then we will gladly meet with you at your property to assess your options and answer your questions.

Our goal is to help all of our clients make the right decision for their individual needs, which is demonstrated by our consistent history of customer satisfaction. You can rest assured that we will clear everything up and help you feel confident in your choice, so get in touch with us today to book your consultation.

Vinyl Deck Coatings are a Smart Investment

When you compare the cost of our vinyl deck coverings with the money that they can save on deck maintenance and repairs, it should be obvious that our services are a good financial decision.

If you spent a lot of money building a high-quality deck, then it only makes sense to protect it in any way that you can. Our vinyl coatings will help maintain the beautiful appearance of your deck while providing you with the peace of mind that you need.

Waterproof Deck Coverings

Water can cause all sorts of problems with wooden decks. Even if your deck is built tough with good materials, wood can only stand up to the elements for so long before deterioration starts to happen. Over time, you will typically notice cracking, splitting, and warping of your wooden deck.

If you want to avoid these common issues, then our vinyl deck coatings are the solution. They completely block water from entering the wooden boards of your deck, which prevents all of the negative effects that water can create.

An additional benefit of our waterproof deck coatings is that they will help improve the traction of your deck flooring. Water on your deck can increase the chance of somebody slipping and falling, but this will be much less of a concern with our waterproof vinyl.

Barefoot Friendly

Our vinyl deck coatings also mean that you don't have to deal with splinters or scratches from imperfections in your wooden deck. Once your deck has been coated with our high-quality vinyl, you will have a smooth surface that is great with—or without—footwear.

An Experienced Team of Vinyl Coating Experts

Our company has been providing first-rate deck services since 2004, which has made The Deck Depot Inc. a name trusted throughout the community. If you want to ensure that you are hiring a qualified company for your deck, then you have come to the right place. If you need any more convincing that we are the right choice for the job, we encourage you to read some of the testimonials that we have received over the years.

You Can't Beat Our Attention to Detail

Getting the best results with vinyl deck coatings requires a keen eye and steady hands. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about when our company is in charge of the job. Our deck coating experts put their full effort into every job and have already provided flawless results for many property owners in the area.

Upgrade or Refresh Your Deck with Vinyl Coverings

It doesn't matter if your deck is new or old—our vinyl coverings are always a worthwhile investment. With our services, you can add a layer of protection to your brand-new deck or breathe new life into an older structure. Our services are guaranteed to improve the appearance of your deck and extend its life span, so you will never regret hiring our company.

If you like the look of your existing deck, we want you to know that you will still love it after we are finished. Thanks to our impressive selection of colors and pattern options, you have many options that will complement your property.

We Only Use Premium Vinyl Deck Coatings

Part of our promise to our clients is to always use high-quality products from trusted suppliers. We have spent a lot of time researching and testing different vinyl coatings to ensure that our clients always get the very best. If you want to eliminate the guesswork and get reliable results with your deck coating, then our experts will point you in the right direction.

Quick Turnarounds on Vinyl Coating Application

The time required for your job will depend on the size of your deck and the type of coverings being applied, but you can always count on us to complete the work in a reasonable timeframe. Thanks to our industry experience and careful planning process, we are able to guarantee maximum efficiency with all of the services we provide.

Easy to Schedule Vinyl Deck Coating Services

We aim to make things as straightforward as possible for our clients. We are certain that you will appreciate our accommodating scheduling process for vinyl coating services. When you are ready to learn more about vinyl deck coverings or establish a timeline for the project, it is as simple as reaching out to our local company.

See Our Vinyl Deck Coatings for Yourself

We take a lot of pride in our work, and we believe that this shows. If you are on the fence about hiring our company for your vinyl deck covering project, then we invite you to check out the portfolio section of our website. Here you will find many photos and examples from our past jobs that we believe highlight our professional capabilities and commitment to our clients.

The Area's Best Vinyl Deck Contractors

Whether you are looking to build a brand new deck or rejuvenate an existing surface, investing in a vinyl deck covering could be a great option for your property.

The Deck Depot Inc. is proud to offer trusted vinyl deck coating installation services to our valued clients right here in St. Albert. We have seen how these products, when installed correctly, can transform both home and business properties and be enjoyed for years into the future.

To learn more about how vinyl deck coatings work, how much they cost, and their benefits, contact our team by phone or email. We look forward to chatting with you about vinyl decking and helping you transform your outdoor property space.